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New Product Release: Yesido Company Introduces Innovative Charger with Lightning Reverse Charging Technology

New Product Release: Yesido Company Introduces Innovative Charger with Lightning Reverse Charging Technology

Oct 1,2023
We are delighted to announce the recent release of a brand new charger by our company, featuring a utility model patent—Lightning reverse charging technology. The breakthrough feature of this technology lies in utilizing the Lightning port as a DC output, enabling power delivery from Lightning to Type-C, while supporting fast charging.
The biggest advantage of this charger is its versatility, allowing for multiple uses of a single charger and data transfer across various devices. Not only can it charge devices with Lightning interfaces, but it can also power other devices through the Type-C interface, providing the convenience of one device serving multiple purposes. This not only saves space and costs for users but also simplifies their usage experience, making life more convenient.
Through continuous research and innovation, our team has successfully incorporated this technology into the design of our latest charger, meeting the demand for a multifunctional and efficient charging solution. We believe that this charger will provide users with a more convenient charging experience, ensuring their devices are always powered up.
Whether for office, travel, or daily use, this innovative charger will be your reliable assistant. It not only offers fast charging capabilities but also enables simultaneous charging and data transfer across multiple devices, enhancing your tech-savvy lifestyle.

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